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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to submit my application?
There are many ways to apply for a position at Pacific Edge Dental Laboratories. You can email your resume directly to, fill out an application in person or apply online using the Search Jobs page.

If the position I want to apply for is not open, will my application be considered for a different position?
Our Human Resources department receives and reviews all applications with the manager of each department. If we think you may have the ability to perform another job, we will contact you to see if you're interested in attending an interview for the position we have selected.

If I apply for a position in person, will I be interviewed the same day?
No, first we review all the applications and then set up an interview appointment for a later date.

What documents do I need for the interview?
We don't require documentation at the time of the interview. If we decide to offer you a position, we will call and let you know which personal documents we need to offer you employment. Only those who applied online or send their resume by email, will fill out one of our applications before the interview.

If I don't have any experience as a dental technician, can I still apply?
It is not necessary to have experience as a dental technician. After the interview you may be asked to take a skills test, which will allow us to know if you're suitable for the position. We will let you know which areas you are eligible for once you have taken the test.

Are references important?
Both personal and previous work references are important. We request that you supply actual phone numbers when you provide your information. If the company you worked for in the past no longer exists, you may be asked for a letter or payroll receipt to confirm past employment.

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