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Lava Crowns and Bridges

Lava Crowns and Bridges

3M ESPE Lava is touted as one of the most esthetic restorations available and is one of the most respected names in dentistry. The Lava frame zirconia understructure is made utilizing CAD/CAM technology, a process during which the pinned and sectioned model is scanned with a 3D optical scanner, the understructure designed on the computer screen, and then the restoration milled using a pre-sintered zirconia block. This milled block is then colored using one of eight shades matched to the VITA® Classical Shade Guide. The milled Lava frame is sintered for 10 hours to fully gain its high strength and fracture resistance. Finally, a proprietary, pre-blended ceramic is pressed over the zirconium oxide understructure.

Lava is a trademark of 3M, 3M ESPE or 3M ESPE AG. Vita is a registered trademark of Vident.

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